In conjuction with the 3rd International Congress on Translational Medicine and Health (ICTMHS), Faculty of Medicine UNDIP will hold an International  Medical Student Research  paper and case report Competition called 1st IMeRC UNDIP.

  1. It is open and medical students (Bachelor and Medical Profession/ Co-ass programs) from all over

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    the world are invited to participate.

  2. Each research paper must be accompanied by a confirmation letter from the Head  of the Department or Head of the Study Program
  3. The main researcher will be the presenter in final session.
  4. Researchers who participate in this competition  are required to submit their Full Version of manuscript  online through the committee’s official website at
  5. The format of abstract must be in accordance with the provisions as follows:
    1. Abstract is written in English, Times New Roman font size 11, with 1.0 spaces
    2. Maximum number of words in the abstract (excluding titles & keywords): 250 words
    3. The structure of the research paper consists of:  Title, Background, Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion, and Key
    4. The structure of the case report abstract consist of: Background, Objective, Case description, Discussion
    5. Authors and affiliates are typed after abstract titles with non-capital letters, without titles and positions. The name of the presenter is underlined. Name of institution and city of origin are written as affiliates.
    6. Maximum keywords : 5 words.
  1. The Format of Research Papers or Case Report must be in accordance with the provisions as follows:
    1. The full text is written in English with the number of pages not exceeding 8 (eight) pages, using Times New Romans font 12, spaces 5
    2. The Title section consists of: Title, Researcher(s) / Author(s) Name, and Affiliation, followed by Abstract
    3. The Content section of Research Paper (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions and Bibliography) is written according to the scientific journal publication format.
    4. The Content section of Case Report (Introduction/ Background, Objective, Case description, treatment, outcome, Bibliography) is written according to the scientific journal publication format
    5. Attachment section (Confirmation letter of Chair of Department and full address of correspondence of Main Researcher / Author)
  1. The complete full text must be sent online by uploading it to the system provided. The Committee DOES NOT ACCEPT complete text submissions through, facsimile, email, or manual mail.
    1. The deadline for submitting full text for the Research Papers and cases report are s on September 23rd, 2019
    2. All leading research papers and cases report will be selected by the committe to determine 10 (ten) finalists and will be announced on the date September 30th, 2019
  2. Finalists will present their paper/ case report during the 3rd  ICTHMS event (October 27-28th,  2019).
  3. The registration to join this competition is free. However, participants who wish their qualified paper(s) to be published in a Scopus Indexed journal can also joint the 3rd ICTMHS which is conducted in the same venue and date by paying registration fee as a participant of ICTMHS and submit their paper before August 16th, 2019
  4. Prizes: Trophies, certificates, and financial rewards will be awarded for three winners for each cathegory.

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